About Correct Accident Repairs

Correct Accident Repairs is proud of its history and involvement in the Victorian automotive smash repair industry. Never resting on our laurels, we strive for exceptional service and continuous improvement, preferring to be a standard setter, rather than follower.

Our 40,000 sq ft facility has been designed to produce premium quality, efficient repairs. This has been achieved through significant capital expenditure and reinvestment in equipment such as computerised Car-O-Liners and Lowbake ovens. By utilising the latest technology, CAR has the ability to repair damaged vehicles to exacting manufacturer specifications and restore paintwork to factory finish standard.

Customers such as Holden, Ford, Mazda, Toyota and of course Lexus and Subaru (who we are fully factory approved by) rely on us for warranty and insurance repairs of the highest quality.

Customer facilities at CAR include an undercover quote preparation/showroom area and waiting area with fully equipped offices, where clients have access to phones, internet and refreshments.