CAR takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously and as a responsible corporate citizen, CAR has been working towards minimizing its impact on the planet.
General waste has been massively reduced to less than 4sqm per week due to our consistent recycling efforts:

All hazardous materials are handled by qualified and licensed/accredited staff and contractors to avoid any contamination of the environment:

Regular maintenance of our state of the art paint shop and extraction systems ensures fast and efficient production, and reduces the release of chemicals into the atmosphere.

NEWS UPDATE: Adoption of the cutting edge non-solvent based paints for certain vehicles is planned on having a further reduction of the environmental impact of our business. These paints have been highly acclaimed by users across Europe, and are said to provide superior quality finish, be more efficient, and far more environmentally friendly!

NEWS UPDATE: Talks with the National Centre for Sustainability have lead to CAR beginning to calculate and report on our environmental performance, as per the AGO National Greenhouse Accounts Factors. This is a proactive effort to better understand where our business stands currently, so we can adequately prepare for and take the right steps for a more sustainable future!