Correct Accident Repairs concentrates on its core business of automotive accident repairs (smash repairs, panel beating and spray painting) for all makes and models of vehicles.

Whilst CAR thrives on delivering exceptional service to private customers, we also deliver high standard fleet management services.

CAR has established substantial credibility in the co-ordination of vehicle accident repairs for both company’s fleets, and fleet control companies over the past 20 years of operation. Our ability to provide high quality repairs, fast turnaround and excellent customer service has resulted in numerous ongoing contracts.

Any requirements for storage of fleet and pool vehicles are easily accommodated in our undercover storage area. Security is assured via a 24-hour monitored alarm system and installation of anti-theft bollards to roller doors after hours.

Our infrastructure to support major fleet operations is well established. Additional services we provide include:

  • 1800 number operating Australia wide.
  • Unique ‘glove box accident kit’ which details action to be taken following an accident.
  • Towing and pick-up services.
  • Weekly customer status reports.
  • Monthly management reports if required.

CAR will also endeavour to integrate any specific customer requirements as required.